Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hydroponics in India-A solution for poverty and hunger

Dear IHPA members and members to be,

I am indeed a very happy camper today as I see the rumblings of a great revolution taking shape in India by the launch of the Pet Bharo Project and the subsequent launch of a new blog by the members of the Indian Hydroponic Pioneers Association (IHPA).

It had been my ardent desire and wish to bring Hydroponics Technology to India and I am happy that it has become a reality here finally. The Pet Bharo Project is a mission to wipe out poverty and hunger from the face of India by introducing and teaching every possible Indian who does not get good nutrition how to grow food to sustain oneself and their family and also teach them to become mini entrepreneurs and thus make a livelihood.

The population of India is growing rapidly, the water situation is very alarming, the availability of labour is grim, the use of chemicals causing many new and hitherto unknown diseases, and poor yields from existing methods of cultivation needs immediate and urgent redressal.

It is still unknown as to why no one, repeat, no one has ever tried to bring this technology to India although commercial exploitation of Hydroponics has been in vogue in several countries since 1932. All the same I have with my personal savings, efforts and time managed to make this come true in India.

My Pet Bharo Project is a labour of love and passion for humanity and I thank all the participants in the training courses conducted so far for having taken their time and effort to come and learn this technology.

I sincerely wish that all who embrace and perfect this system become highly successful and also help others who are in dire need to exploit the wonderful system called "Hydroponics".

If any one needs my help i am only an email away. is the email id and I am only too willing to assist in whatever way I can.

Once again I welcome all my students who have trained with us the very best, God Speed and Good Luck.


CV Prakash
Lt Cdr (retd)
Chief Visionary
Institute of Simplified Hydroponics
Bangalore, India